Removed use of obsolete product equipment fields and added the equipment chiller fields. Changed tab 2 of the product view to show the chiller method. default tip

Removed hop_utilization from products and equipments.

The global setup field grain_absorbtion was changed.

Switch co2pressure graph to MySQL

Switch ispindel graph to MySQL

Switch fermenter graph to MySQL

Removed unused (I hope) database scripts.

Reinstalled the product archives menus

Reinstalled the product archives menus

Renamed prod_edit to prod_view.

Final code cleanup in product editor.

The taste tab is now a viwer.

Packagig is now a viewer.

The fermentation tab is now a viewer.

Code cleanup

The brewday tab is now a viewer.

Correction for Phosforic SG. Water treatment is a viewer. Start reordering and optimizing the calculations.

Fixed calculation of estimated fg and use the same method as in bmsapp.

Tab 6 is a viewer

Tab 5 is a viewer.

Tab 4 is a viewer.

Tab 3 is a viewer.

Tab 2 is a viewer.

Removed obsolete scripts. Product editor tab 1 is a viewer.

Removed product export functions

Removed product new

Renamed scripts rec_edit.* to rec_view.*. Removed the add recipe button from the recipe tree selecctor.

Just one button to close the viewer

Changed button text

Remove unneeded scripts

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