Added reconnecting-websocket.js to automatic reconnect the websocket if the connection is lost. Usefull for mobile devices that go to sleep after a while. Changed mon_fermenters to use websockets instead of polling. Fixed wrong temperature color ranges on the fermenter monior. Increased the websocket receive buffer to 2048. In cannot overflow, but larger messages are chunked and the application does not handle these split messages. Needs termferm 0.9.9 or newer.

The co2meters monitor screen rebuild to use websockets instead of data polling.

Consistent use of group names is important.

Turned off debug logs in ws_broadcast

Added iSpindel to the websockets. Better offline detection for websockets.

Prevent repeated fermenter offline broadcasts

Added co2meters to the websockets. Added node and units offline messages to the websockets.

Added websockets for node status changes.

Version 0.3.33 Added websockets framework. Added fermenter status messages to the websockets broadcast.

Don't print percentage for priming sugars.

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