Added MgCl2 brewing salt

Moved NaHCO3 and CaCO3 from the base additions to the water agent salts.

Added error handler

Removed unnecesary code. Use existing array data instead of grid calls where possible.

Added a empty second water source to the dropdown for water 2. When the empty water is selected, all volumes are reset to a single water source. Don't show the second water in the printed recipe and checklist if there is only one water source.

The php/ajax combo for split btaches is the first that will do a better job handling errors. Split batch leftover calculations rounded to 1 decimal. Refuse to split and leave nothing in the main batch

Added bug remark

Fermentables, hops, miscs and yeast now have tests against the added moment with the brewing stage. Added to inventory edit rows, delete rows, and pick choices for the moment to add or edit. Some more popups to explain certain blocks.

Allow add and delete of fermentables durring valid brew moments. Add and edit a fermantable only to stages that have not yet been done. Block the packaging choices, edited elsewhere.

Updated README

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