Fix upgrade of the yeast data in products and recipes if the original yeast is not found. Export product or recipe for forum is now coded in forum format and copied to the clipboard ready to paste on a forum.

When adding fermentables or hops to a product, show the current inventory in the dropdownlist.

Added export inventory and profiles in beerxml format. Small fixes in beerxml recipe and product export.

Version 0.3.25

Refracto calculation for FG is now a global function using the New Cubic method. Fixed to typos in the prod_edit en rec_edit yeastData varialbles.

Switched FG calculations from Brix to the new cubic method from This includes the brix correction factor and seems better then the Brouwhulp formula.

Backported extra yeast fields and the SO4:Cl ratio changes into the recipes editor.

Another attempt to fix the MySQL server has gone away error. Fixed gcc 7.1+ compiler warnings.

Some code cleanup

Version 0.3.24

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