Upgraded esp-ide and compilers. Adjusted the sources for the new compiler warnings.

Version 0.3.2, if WiFi connection is lost or AP is not available at startup, scan form another known AP and connect to that AP.


Changed NTP default pool name. Added 10 seconds timeout after the wifi_connect function. In that timeout do a proper disconnect and connect request so that a AP that was down will be used again if it's up again.

Version 0.3.1

SNTP uses a callback function to mark the system time is valid. SNTP is started after we received a DHCP ip address. Added an config option to set a preffered NTP server name, most likely on your most used LAN. It will always fal back to pool.ntp.org.

Code cleanup.

Fixed css path in chart.html. Show errors in console when writing logfiles.json. Upgraded esp-idf.

Merged with default version 0.3.0 stable

Merge branch novnc

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