Changed to esp-idf 4.2.1 stable API.

Added kicad schemas

Uodated to stable esp-idf 4.2.1

Leave old temperature when there is a sensor read error.

write_units now overwrites instead of truncate/write the records. Add ssid to the node mqtt message. Lower rotary log messages. Removed most menu log messages.

Better check for a corrupted units file. Added a small boot delay to prevent units file corruption.

Lower loglevel for one message.

Code cleanup, doxygen comments added.

Fix lock sync loss in unit zero set when the pressure sensor is not connected. Removed some log messages.

Added DS18B20 error counters. Bigger font for the error counters screen and added the DS18B20 counter. Patched the u8g2_esp32_hal to fix the sudden system reboots.

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