Added kicad drawings default tip

Make sure the hostname doesn't contain the domain name. Added Slackare init and setup scripts.

Improved logging if wiringpi failed.

Implemented MQTT user/password auth.

Version 0.9.10.

Changed pub_domoticz mqtt publishing.

Better logging for locking the daemon and fixed stale lock recovery.

Version 0.9.9 Don't flag fermenter death if the unit is turned off. Fix a wrong log message. Send unit data even if the unit is turned off.

Version 0.9.8. Added extra path to the fonts for Debian buster. Changed the PID to work on Proportional on Measurement. Added loops so that it looks like the PID is running at 100 mSec intervals.

Version 0.9.7. Increased the maximum fermentation temperature to 45 degrees to allow Kveik fermentations.

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