Moved the sparge water estimate formula to the calcMash() function. default tip

Checklist, added range mash steps. Added pH only measure fields. Several minor improvements.

Fixed log message about not reducing tapwater.

Removed some 'Reduce' log messages.

Allways export CATEGORY fields. Minir layout change in styles editor.

If during styles import the CATEGORY_NUMBER is empty, insert 0 in the database instead.

Recipes backport for new dry-yeast fields and SQL error handlers.

Tooltips corrupt the boolean values into integers.

Same array fix for recipes

Split batch, adjust mash step volume. In the duplicated log_brew handle the missing values. In save product, round the mash step sg to 4 decimals. In prod_edit, ingredients are stored as strings, not arrays. This triggered a memory corruption that only happened in rare circumstances. Don't fix mash step fields in the javascript, it is already done during load from the database. Calculation of the mash volume is rounded to 6 decimals. Enter mash step Brix/Plato value, the SG result is rounded to 4 decimals.

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