Added iSpindel to the websockets. Better offline detection for websockets.

Prevent repeated fermenter offline broadcasts

Added co2meters to the websockets. Added node and units offline messages to the websockets.

Added websockets for node status changes.

Version 0.3.33 Added websockets framework. Added fermenter status messages to the websockets broadcast.

Don't print percentage for priming sugars.

Removed pitchrate 1.25 of ale above 1.076

Updated the design README

Removed the last compressed css file. Reworked all mash steps, implemented deconction steps. Added calculations for infuse amounts and decoctions amounts. The mash steps are now manually sorted in the editor grids to have full control over the steps order. Display errors in red in the grid. Updated beerxml export, the product checklist and print output of the products and recipes for all these mash steps changes.

In export to forum, suppress diluted water is the name is set but the volume is 0. Add the treated water profile to the output.

(0) -300 -100 -10 +10 +100 tip